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Sweet Perfection: Exploring Peru's Most Popular Desserts

Popular Peruvian Desserts

Rich in both culture and flavour, Peru has a wide selection of delightful and delicious sweets & desserts that showcase its varied culinary legacy.

From the colourful streets of Lima to the verdant valleys of the Andes, we're going to take you through a list of some of Peru's most well-known and popular desserts loved by locals and visitors alike.

What are the Most Popular Peruvian Desserts?

1. Picarones

Peruvian Picarones Recipe

Picarones are deep-fried doughnuts made from a combination of mashed sweet potato and pumpkin that is mixed together with flour, yeast, sugar, and anise to form a dough. The dough is then fried until golden and then covered with a syrupy sweet sauce called 'Chancaca' - which is made from raw unrefined sugar from sugarcane.

Commonly eaten at night, Picarones are a popular street food in Peru that be found in most outdoor markets and festivals.

Check out our recipe to learn how to make Picarones in your own home.

2. Mazamorra Morada

Peruvian Mazamorra Morada Recipe

Next on our list is a very intriguing and colourful dessert called 'Mazamorra Morada'. Making use of the famous purple corn grown in the Andean highlands, Peruvians slowly boil this corn in water, pineapple peel and various spices until the liquid turns deep purple. Cornstarch is added to thicken the mixture and then it is dusted with cinnamon and served.

This is another classic Peruvian dessert that is enjoyed throughout the country, particularly during Easter time, and is often served with Arroz con Leche (Peruvian rice pudding).

3. Alfajores

Peruvian Alfajores

Consisting of two buttery shortbread biscuits with a filling of creamy dulce de leche (caramel), Alfajores are a very popular sweet consumed all across Latin America.

The Peruvian version is a straightforward recipe that combines butter, flour, sugar and cornstarch. The dough is then cut into rounds and baked until golden, and then filled with a velvety, smooth dulce de leche.

It's a very addictive and tasty sweet that can be found in almost any bakery across the country. If you live in the UK, you can order Alfajores directly from our website, or you can learn how to make them yourself here.

4. Suspiro a la Limeña

Peruvian Suspiro a la Limena Recipe

A very sweet and addictive dessert, Suspiro a la Limena consists of layers of luscious dulce de leche topped with a soft, meringue-like layer flavoured with port wine and cinnamon.

As the name suggests, this dessert is most frequently found in Peru's capital city but can be found in restaurants across the country.

If you'd like to learn how to make Suspiro a la Limena, make sure to check out our recipe on YouTube.

5. Tres Leches

Peruvian Tres Leches

Tres Leches is an indulgent dessert that's renowned for its rich, moist, and creamy texture. A light sponge cake is soaked for several hours in a mixture made up of three types of milk - evaporated milk, condensed milk and double cream.

It's a very delicate and creamy dessert that can be overly sweet for some, but perfect for anyone who loves a sweet cake to finish off their meal!

Find out how to make Tres Leches Cake by watching our video.


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