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Peruvian Tamales Course

Curso de Tamales Peruanos

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Have you ever wished you knew how to make the perfect Peruvian Tamales and Humitas? Then you've come to the right place!


Our Tamales course is 100% online and Chef Cecilia Tupac teaches you how to make some of the country's most popular Tamales recipes - including a Tamal de Pollo, Cerdo and Tamalito Verde.


But there's lots more! We'll also show you how to make the perfect savoury humitas along with a delicious sarza criolla, the favourite of many Peruvians!


Whether you're looking for a recipe to show off to your friends and family, or you're looking to sell Tamales or Humitas in Peru or abroad, our course is perfect for you.

About our Peruvian Tamales Classes

In our online Tamales and Humitas course, you'll discover the secrets behind making the perfect Tamal dough and how to cook the perfect filling to make a Tamal de Pollo, Cerdo and a Tamalito Verde.

Our course is 100% online, meaning that you can watch the videos whenever you want, anywhere you want. All the ingredients are listed for each recipe meaning that you can easily replicate the flavours in your own kitchen, and ask any questions whilst you complete the course.


If you're interested in selling Tamales or Humitas in Peru or abroad, then this course is perfect for you!

How does it work?

Our Tamales course content has already been created and is available to access immediately. Each course contains different lessons that are divided into a logical format, meaning you can easily go through them one by one.


All of our courses come with help on hand, which means if you need to clarify something or have more questions, we're here to help!

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How much does the course cost?

Nuestro curso de Tamales Peruanos cuesta S/149. Esto incluye acceso de por vida a todas las recetas como el Tamal Tradicional de Pollo, Cerdo, Humitas Dulces y Saladas y la clásica Sarza Criolla.


Una vez que haya completado el curso, se le emitirá automáticamente un certificado digital del curso con su nombre y fecha de finalización.

Curso de Tamales


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Tamales de Cerdo

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Tamales de Pollo

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Tamalito Verde

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Humitas Dulces

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Humitas Saladas

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Sarza Criolla

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Andres Fernandez

Definitivamente si quiere triunfar con su negocio, compre el curso de Cecilia es excelente!!!! Muy completo desde plan de negocio hasta como sazonar como servir salsas etc. No me arrepenti!!

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