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Peruvian Pollo Broaster Course

Curso de Pollo Broaster Peruano

Virtual Course

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Calling all Chicken Broaster lovers! Our long-awaited Peruvian Pollo Broaster Course is finally here, and we've shared ALL the secrets behind preparing one of the most popular (and delicious!) dishes in Peru. ​


With Chef Cecilia Tupac as your guide, you'll get instant access to 4 incredible Chicken Broaster recipes, each with a unique flavour, as well as other popular recipes such as chicken tenders, nuggets, Milanese and much more!


No Broaster meal is complete without its fries and sauces, and we've got all the videos you need to make the ultimate Broaster in the comfort of your own kitchen.


Whether you're looking for an amazing Chicken Broaster recipe to impress your family or you're planning to sell Chicken Broaster, our Pollo Broaster course is perfect for you!


Access the best recipes, and buy the course today!

About our Peruvian Pollo Broaster Course

We are delighted to present our Peruvian Pollo Broaster Course. This 100% online course reveals the hidden secrets behind the creation of this iconic dish and offers 4 unique Chicken Broaster flavours to suit all palettes.


But there's so much more to this course than just Chicken Broaster! You'll also learn how to prepare Chicken Tenders, Milanesa, Nuggets and Chicken Popcorn - all taught in an easy to follow and fun way. You will also learn the art of preparing the perfect, crispy French fries with a variety of sauces such as Mayonnaise, Rocoto, Ají para Broaster, Salsa Golf, Ají Uchucuta and more!


Not only are these recipes perfect for using at home, but we also have customers all over the world who run successful Pollerías using our Pollo Broaster recipes. If you're looking to turn your culinary skills into a thriving business, join thousands of students and access our online courses today!

How do our courses work?

Our Pollo Broaster course content has already been created and is available to access immediately. Each course contains different lessons that are divided into a logical format, meaning you can easily go through them one by one.


All of our courses come with help on hand, which means if you need to clarify something or have more questions, we're here to help!

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How much does the course cost?

Our Pollo Broaster course costs S/179. This includes a lifetime access to 4 different Pollo Broaster recipes, popular Polleria dishes, fries, sauce and 1-1 help and support if required.


Once you've completed the course, you'll automatically be issued a digital certificate with your name and the date of completion.

Pollo Broaster Course


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Pollo Broaster Tradicional

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Pollo Broaster Comercial

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Mayonesa Especial

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Pollo Broaster KFC

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Salsa Tartara

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Pollo Broaster Popeyes

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Crema de Rocoto

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Chicken Tenders

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Salsa Golf

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Aji para Broaster

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Chicken Popcorn

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Aji Uchucutu

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BBQ Wings

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Andres Fernandez

Definitely if you want to succeed with your business, buy Cecilia's course, it is excellent!!!! Very complete from creating a business plan to getting the perfect flavours. I didn't regret it!!

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