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My Peruvian Food Store

Comprar Comida Peruana en UK

Looking for authentic and traditional Peruvian food here in the UK? We've got you covered!


From the delightful 'Alfajores' and 'Chocotejas' to Latin American favourite like the 'Tamales', order your favourite Peruvian food online and get it delivered straight to your door!


All of our food is homemade and we deliver our Peruvian treats to England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales!

Order your favourite Peruvian food!

If you are living in the UK and want to try authentic Peruvian food made by a Peruvian Chef, then you've come to the right place! With a passion for recreating traditional dishes, Chef Cecilia Tupac prepares and packs all these dishes and delivers everywhere in the UK.


Since we handle a wide variety of ingredients, including common allergies such as nuts, eggs, dairy, soy, gluten and others, there may be traces of allergens in our products and we recommend customers read all of our allergy information and the ingredients listed in our products before placing an order.


We are constantly adding new products to our store, but if you have any special requests for items you would like to see in the future, please send us a message.

* Please note that there is a minimum order of £15 (not including delivery).

We also make Empanadas!

In 2024, we launch our new business: Empanada Express!


Our goal is to bring you the most delicious Latin American Empanadas you have ever tasted. If you like the sound of this, make sure to check out our other business here.

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Want to treat someone special?


Buy your friends and family a digital gift card that they can use for any of our food products on our website.

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